What Can You Receive from a Montgomery County Criminal Lawyer?

There are certain rights a person holds, even if they are guilty of a crime. The Constitution of the United States grants all the opportunity to have a lawyer, even if they cannot afford to pay one. Most people do not feel comfortable representing themselves in court because they do not have a full understanding of the complex nature of criminal law. Aside from offering a defendant peace of mind, a Montgomery County criminal lawyer can offer a host of services to ensure a person’s rights are fully protected as they go through the trial process.

The services a criminal lawyer provides include:

* A criminal lawyer can help protect a person’s rights during the investigation process before they are even charged with a crime. A lawyer can help a person through the questioning phase of the investigation and ensure they do not provide information that would be self-incriminating. In some cases, they can help a person avoid facing charges.

* Once a defendant has been officially charged, the lawyer will immediately begin investigating to draw up a viable defense plan. The defense plan is crucial for defending any type of criminal charge and can help to keep a defendant abreast of the steps that will be taken during the process of the trial and sentencing if the defendant is found guilty.

* If the prosecutor has a tremendous amount of evidence and the lawyer feels the defendant could be found guilty, plea bargaining may be helpful. Plea bargaining is a negotiation process that takes place between a defendant’s lawyer and the prosecutor. One can rarely negotiate plea bargaining without a lawyer’s help.

* Throughout the trial, the lawyer helps with jury selection, the examination of witnesses, and the cross-examination of witnesses from the prosecution. Should a trial end up in an unfavorable outcome, the lawyer can help with the appeals process.

If you have been charged with a crime, whether you are innocent or guilty, you have the right to receive help from a Montgomery County criminal lawyer. If you would like further information on how a lawyer can help you, please visit website