What are the Common Defense Approaches Used By Theft Defense Lawyers?

When one is accused of theft, they can be faced with a misdemeanor or a felony charge. Petty theft is considered a less severe crime while grand theft can cause a person to be punished with jail time. In many cases, one can be charged with grand theft if the total value of the property they stole totals over $400 to $500. Those who have been charged, whether guilty or innocent, need to make sure they are represented by Theft Defense Lawyers.

There are many defenses a theft lawyer can use to help reduce or eliminate the charges brought against a client:

  • The Claim of right can be a viable defense against theft if a defendant truly believed they had a right to the property, even if they were wrong in their assumption. When used carefully by Theft Defense Lawyers, this can be helpful in swaying a jury to avoid a guilty charge.
  • Specific intent must be proven in any theft case. If the prosecution fails to fully establish specific intent, the lawyer can use this to their client’s advantage, so their case ends in their favor.
  • Alibies can prove helpful when a theft was known to occur at a specific time and date. Receipts and eyewitness testimony that can place a defendant in another place during the time of the theft can help prove their innocence.
  • Asportation is an important point for any defense lawyer to review when defending a theft charge. If the lawyer can prove the defendant never took full possession of the property, their charges can be thrown out.

Dealing with a theft charge can be difficult for anyone to go through. It is especially stressful when the defendant did not commit the act. Hiring a defense lawyer can make a big difference in protecting a person’s rights as they pursue a favorable outcome in their trial.

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