What are Your Responsibilities When Hiring a Bail Bond Company in Oklahoma City?

When someone has been arrested and is awaiting trial, they will sometimes be granted bail depending on the severity of their charges and their previous record. If bail is granted, the judge will assign a bail amount, and this must be paid in cash, with a property deed, or with the assistance of a bondsman. If the defendant cannot make their bond with cash, they can hire a bondsman to help them. A bondsman will charge a fee for their services, which is controlled by the state they are operating in. It is imperative defendants fully understand their responsibilities when hiring a Bail Bond Company in Oklahoma City.

When a person hires a bail bond company in Oklahoma City, the bondsman signs a surety bond guaranteeing the defendant will show for all court dates no matter when they are held or their frequency. It is vital a defendant understands they must show up for all court dates and cannot be late. If they fail to show, the judge will issue a bench warrant, and the bondsman has the legal right to pursue them and physically bring them in to stand trial.

Many people make the mistake of believing this is their only responsibility and this is not always the case. A judge may order several conditions for bail release, including:

     *     Abide by a curfew

     *     Report to police

     *     Keep current employment or seek employment if unemployed

     *     Remain in the county or state

     *     Continue current education or seek education

     *     Submit to drug and alcohol testing

     *     Surrender weapons

     *     Avoid contact with any victims

     *     Remain at their current address.

If a defendant does not adhere to these conditions, their bail can be terminated, and they can be placed back in jail until their trial. It is not the responsibility of the bondsman to remind their client of court dates and meetings, but they typically will. Adhering to all conditions set forth by the judge will prevent a defendant from getting into further trouble.

Those who are in need of a bail bondsman are urged to contact us. A bondsman can provide you with the services you need so you can be released from jail while awaiting your trial.