Legal Guardianship Needs to Be Set Up By a Guardianship Lawyer in Bethlehem PA

Guardianship is typically for minor children or those over eighteen who have mental or physical disabilities. Guardianship is overseen by the courts and is put in place for the benefit of the ward’s protection. It is important parents, or guardians understand the ramifications of guardianship and what it entails so they will know how to go through the process. Those who want to set up a legal guardianship are urged to hire a Guardianship Lawyer in Bethlehem PA so they can be sure each step is carried out precisely.

There are a few different types of guardianship:

  • Co-guardianships are set up when two people are placed as guardians over a ward. This helps ensure that neither guardian can abuse their authority and offers added protection to a ward’s best interests.
  • Limited guardianship is for wards who are able to make their own decisions but may need an advocate to help them in the process. This guardian is simply there to offer support in major decision making.
  • A guardian of property manages the monetary resources that will be needed to care for the ward’s needs until they become an adult or in some cases, permanently.
  • A guardian ad item must be appointed by the court and is held responsible for protecting and managing the ward’s interests while they go through any legal proceedings that directly involve the ward.

Once guardianship is put in place, it will typically be effective until the ward reaches the age of eighteen, unless they are mentally and physically disabled and the guardianship is stipulated for life. Guardianship may also be ended if the ward dies, their funds are used up, or the court ends the guardianship.

For guardianship to be put in place, a hearing must take place in probate court. Those who want to set up legal guardianship need to hire a Guardianship Lawyer in Bethlehem PA. If you are looking for a lawyer to help you in your guardianship, meet Erik Conrad Attorney. He can help you with your legal needs and will be glad to meet with you in a consultation meeting so you can get started on the process.