Things to Know When Working With a Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer in Charles County MD

Brain injury claims are quite complex because no two injuries are the same. Every lawsuit requires historical research and the use of advanced technologies, and those finding themselves in the midst of the process may not know where to begin. In this guide, patients and their families will learn some important facts about working with a traumatic brain injury lawyer in Charles County MD.

Litigation is a Long, Arduous Process

First, it is important for clients to understand that these cases take a very long time to conclude, particularly if objective evidence is hard to come by. It’s crucial to objectify the client’s injuries because insurers automatically assume that most conditions are pre-existing or exaggerated. However, with the help of an experienced brain injury lawyer, clients can put themselves on equal footing with the insurance company.

Technology Helps Objectify Injuries

Years ago, brain injury claims were different because it was believed that a person had to lose consciousness or show changes on a CT scan to prove the severity of an injury. Today, these factors no longer apply, and it’s an accepted fact that the human brain is more susceptible to injury. Proving a brain injury is the best and quickest way to settle a case. Today’s technologies are more sensitive than CT scans and MRIs, which makes the objectification process easier.

Recovery is Slow

The recovery and rehabilitation process is different for every injury. No matter the injury’s severity, there are multiple aspects clients must know, including:

  • Victims of mild TBIs tend to recover within six weeks.
  • Those with TBI often have insufficient self-awareness.
  • Exercise, if recommended by a doctor, may promote the regeneration of brain cells.

Coping skills are crucial in helping victims understand the peaks and valleys of the recovery process.

Start Right Away

Evidence of a traumatic brain injury may disappear quickly, and it’s important for clients and their families to seek legal advice as soon as possible. Many aspects of these cases are time-sensitive, and a traumatic brain injury lawyer in Charles County MD will help clients gather the information they need. Contact Business Name to schedule a no-obligation consultation.