The Importance of the Legal Services Provided by a Probate Lawyer

by | Feb 19, 2016 | Lawyer

For people without a living trust, their estates will have to go into probate once they pass away. This can be a very difficult and complicated time, especially for a person without legal experience that has been named as the executor of a decedent’s estate. That’s why proper estate planning usually will include the services of a predetermined probate lawyer, which is the one who will handle the details after a person has passed away and their estate officially enters probate.

The probate process can be very complicated, and it can be a legal process that could potentially drag on for months. During this process, there will be requirements made on the executor of the estate. Unless the executor has prior experience in the probate process, having the assistance of a probate lawyer can be extremely helpful. During the probate process, the estate will be officially valued by the courts, and any debts that are owed by the estate or the decedent will need to be paid before the estate can continue through the probate process.

Having an attorney providing legal services to the executor can be extremely helpful in moving through the probate process as quickly as possible, and they can help retain as much of the assets of the estate as possible. During the probate process, because of extra legal fees and other demands made on the estate, a sizable chunk of any proceeds can be used to cover these legal fees and financial demands. Having an attorney walking the executor through every phase of the probate process can help prevent valuables assets from being eaten into by the probate process.

There are many complicated issues involving probate, and unless a person sets up some sort of trust, the probate process is inevitable for most estates. This can help the executor of the estate through the difficult probate process, and it can help keep the property as intact as possible so that the assets can be properly disseminated quickly.

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