Bicycle Accident Attorneys in Fort Collins Can Help Clients Prove Damages

While they may seem minor, bicycle accidents can have lifelong consequences. Many severe injuries and fatalities result from these accidents, especially those involving bicyclists and cars. From a legal standpoint, here are some tips on how to handle a bicycle accident.

Get Help Right Away

Immediately after the accident, everyone (including bystanders and the victim, if not incapacitated) should get out of the immediate area. The victim’s injuries should be assessed, and witnesses should be gathered if anyone saw the accident. Even if the victim’s injuries aren’t serious, they should seek medical help right away to have a record of the accident in the event that the injury later becomes an issue.

Notify the Police

The victim or someone else at the accident scene should notify the police to create an official record of the incident. Law enforcement issues can determine what happened if another driver was involved, and in some cases, they may issue a citation to the at-fault party. Sometimes, drivers are cooperative at first but they later deny responsibility; nevertheless, an official report can help back up their initial statements. Although it may seem wise, the victim should not try to settle with the driver on the scene. Determining fault can be complex, and victims should avoid making incriminating statements.

Get Everyone’s Contact Info

This step is often overlooked, especially where witnesses are concerned. Be sure to get all involved parties’ contact information, the other driver, police and witnesses if necessary. When speaking to the driver, their insurance information should be obtained.

Take Photos

To preserve as much evidence as possible, the victim or their representative should take notes on the incident. Memories fade quickly, and documentation can help a victim establish their case. Photos are a good way to refresh witnesses’ memories and re-establish facts, and they are often important in personal injury claims.

Should the Victim Call a Lawyer Following a Bicycling Accident?

It can be complex for bicycle accident attorneys in Fort Collins to determine fault, and in many instances, the victim shares the blame. A personal injury attorney with Visit the website can explain the law to clients, and they can protect the victim’s rights or protect a driver from liability.