The Importance Of Hiring A Criminal Attorney In Naples

It is not a good idea to represent yourself in criminal court. Most individuals do not know the law or courtroom procedures. That’s why the best way to protect your rights is to hire an attorney. Start searching for a Criminal Attorney in Naples by asking friends and family for referrals. Set up a consultation with the attorney and find out if they are a good fit.

Trusting The Advocate

Trust between a lawyer and client is key to winning a criminal case. One has to be comfortable with a Criminal Attorney in Naples to build trust. Further, the attorney should be patient and willing to answer questions. Also, they should explain legal procedures and what the defendant may face. All of these things help to develop a good working relationship. Moreover, the defendant should be confident in the attorney’s trial strategy.

Criminal Attorneys Are Not Cheap

Be prepared to pay an up-front retainer. Attorneys often charge a retainer that covers a certain number of hours. Afterward, the client is billed by the hour on a monthly basis. When clients pay the retainer, the lawyer knows they can set aside the time to work on the case. Further, part of the retainer is used to hire an investigator. Investigators do a lot of legwork in criminal cases. They interview witnesses and look for new ones. The information gathered helps the attorney develop an alternate theory of the crime.

Criminal Procedure

The initial court proceeding is a preliminary hearing where the judge listens to the evidence. Most judges side with the prosecution and bind the case over to trial. Indicted cases are scheduled for an arraignment where the defendant pleads guilty or not guilty.

Interestingly, most cases do not go to trial but end up in a plea bargain. The Prosecutor may not want to try the case and offer to reduce the charges. On the other hand, the defendant has to plead guilty. This is why there must be trust because the attorney recommends whether the client should accept the deal. For more information, contact the Law Office Of James W. Chandler P.A.