The Importance of Calling a Bail Bondsman Immediately

by | Jun 27, 2016 | Lawyer

The last thing that anyone expected to happen today was an arrest. Rather than spending the night in jail, it makes sense to see what can be done about being released until the court date. One of the smartest things to do is call a local Bail Bondsman in Douglasville GA as soon as possible. Here is why this move is so important.

Being Present at the Hearing

Typically, a hearing is held shortly after the arrest is made. Depending on the nature of the alleged offense, the judge has the ability to set bail in accordance with current standards. While the accused party may or may not be at the hearing, the Bail Bondsman in Douglasville GA will be there. Once the bail is set, the bonding professional can pledge for bail to the court. That initiates the process of allowing the client to be released in a matter of hours.

Getting Ready for Court

Preparing for the court date is a lot easier when the client is out on bail. In the interim, the individual can still go to work and take care of another day to day tasks. Along the way, there’s time to retain the services of an attorney and start preparing a defense. Meeting at the lawyer’s office or in the home is much more pleasant than meeting in a jail or other detention facility.

No One Has to Know

Being out on bail also means that it’s easier to keep the entire episode quiet. Unless there is some sort of spectacular aspects of the arrest that made the evening news, the client can keep the matter low key right up until the court date. That helps to minimize people jumping to conclusions or spreading gossip that could cause more problems in the future.

Remember that after an arrest, the first order of business is to make arrangements for bail. Contact Free At Last Bail Bonds as soon as possible, and get the process going. Doing so paves the way for dealing with the matter quickly and efficiently without creating a lot of drama or hardship along the way.

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