Strategies for Debt Relief in St. Louis, MO

Debt relief in St. Louis, MO can be beneficial for consumers who need a way to pay off debt, but some counselors aren’t as charitable as they seem. In some cases, the customer can be left worse off than they were before asking for help. Below, readers will find some DIY tips to decrease debt, and they will learn how an attorney may be able to help.

Self-Service Debt Relief Solutions

There are many DIY ways to pay debts, such as those listed below.

  • List all income and recurring expenses to learn how much is earned and how much is spent each month.
  • Set a budget that enables the client to regain control of their finances.
  • Call creditors and set up a manageable payment plan.
  • If a payment plan cannot be arranged, consider consulting a credit counselor or debt relief agency for other options.
  • Wherever possible, do not use credit cards.

If a client feels that they need outside help from a credit counseling agency, they should look for warning signs associated with debt relief in St. Louis, MO.

Researching Debt Relief Agencies

If a client decides to get debt help, they should do some research on each company considered. Clients should learn about the following factors:

  • Consumer complaints: before enrolling in a debt help service, check with a local consumer agency or the Attorney General to determine the company’s complaint history.
  • Services provided: determine which services the company provides and the total fees associated with the service. Stay away from companies with hidden fees.
  • Bad advice: if a credit counselor tells the client to stop paying creditors, they must also explain the consequences of such actions.

Warning Signs

When searching for credit counseling services, the client should avoid any company that charges pre-enrollment fees or requests voluntary contributions. If a company fails to provide information on its fees and services or tries to enroll the client in the program without a financial review, consumers should consider taking their business elsewhere.

Getting Legal Help

If a consumer is having debt difficulties, they should visit for help. A lawyer can advise clients on their rights, and they can provide information that should have been offered by the credit counseling service. An attorney can also tell the client whether they may be able to sue a credit counseling agency and gain compensation.

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