Reasons to Seek Help from a Dog Bite Attorney in Holland, MI

While the dog living next door is usually docile, the animal did bite the neighbor. Since it was severe enough to require medical attention, there is the matter of how to pay the costs. In the best case scenario, the dog owner covers the expenses and takes responsible steps to ensure the situation will not arise again. When that does not happen, it pays to seek the here.

Going Over the Specifics

When the Dog Bite Attorney in Holland MI, is first contacted, it pays to ensure all information relevant to the event is made available during the initial consultation. This includes copies of any reports filed with local law enforcement agencies, records from the emergency room or physician who treated the injured party, and a list of people who saw the bite take place. With that data on hand, it will be easier for the attorney to listen to the account provided by the client, ask some clarifying questions, and determine if grounds exist to take legal action.

Seeking to Settle Out of Court

No one likes to go to court. Along with the amount of time involved, there are court costs, attorney fees, and other expenses to consider. When the dog owner is willing to negotiate a settlement, it is possible for the legal counsel for each party to sit down and seek to come up with a reasonable settlement. If the details are worked out to the satisfaction of both parties, the attorney can create the necessary documents and the matter will be considered settled once the compensation is provided. When a settlement cannot be reached, the attorney will file suit and prepare to present the case of the client before a judge.

For anyone who has been bitten by a dog, it pays to seek to as soon as possible. Doing so will ensure that if the event does lead to any type of financial loss due to medical treatment or time out of work, it will be possible to seek some sort of compensation, cover the costs, and get things back to normal.