Starting a Product’s Liability Claim With A Personal Injury Attorney In Mobile, AL

by | Jun 2, 2016 | Lawyer

In Alabama, consumer rights are enforced by local courts. This includes rights pertaining to risks associated with products released by manufacturers. When a product liability exists, the manufacturer is responsible for any injuries that occur. A Personal Injury Attorney in Mobile AL helps victims enforce their rights and collect compensation.

Filing a Report

The first step is to file a report with the Consumer Rights Protection Agency. The agency has the authority to fight unethical manufacturers causing consumer injuries. They can recall dangerous products and penalize the manufacturers. These penalties could equate to fines, the requirement to provide settlements, or to provide a refund to all consumers.

Seeking Medical Attention

The consumer should seek medical attention as soon as they become injured. Medical doctors create detailed documentation when providing care. These records are vital to a product’s liabilities case. They detail how the injuries were sustained and how they could affect the victim’s life. The records are submitted to the court with the injury claim.

An Investigation of the Product

The investigation of the product determines if the manufacturer was aware of risks. It defines when the manufacturers become aware of the risks and if they had the opportunity to change these circumstances.

It also enables the Consumer Rights Protection Agency to determine if the manufacturer followed applicable laws. For example, products that could create an injury under circumstances require warning labels. The label must specify the circumstances and how to avoid them. If the manufacturer failed to provide the warning, they are liable for the injury claim.

Starting the Claim

To start the claim, the victim needs an attorney. The attorney gathers evidence including the medical records, witness testimony, and the findings of the initial report. The documentation is submitted to the court. A hearing is scheduled to determine if the case goes to trial.

In Alabama, product liabilities represent circumstances that could have been avoided. They define negligence on the part of the manufacturer. They also define how the manufacturer could have prevented these occurrences.

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