Should You Consider Hiring A Workers’ Compensation Attorney?

Since the 1800s, workers have been protected by laws that allow them to receive compensation should they become injured on the job. Without these crucial laws in place, injured workers often had no recourse when it came to being sure they were properly compensated. Although these laws require employers to carry insurance so workers can receive benefits, there is often a lot of red tape that must be gone through for someone to receive their benefits. In some cases, workers are unfairly denied even though they have jumped through all the requested hoops. When a worker is being unfairly treated, they should consider contacting a workers’ compensation attorney.

There are a few stages that must take place before a claim is settled. The initial claim must first be reported to the employer who then reports to the insurance company to start the claim’s process. Depending on the type of accident that occurred, the injured worker may be asked to go through drug and alcohol testing before their claim can be considered.

The injured worker may also be required to see a doctor that is approved by the insurance company. Some people do not like the idea of being forced to see a doctor they are not familiar with but there is often no choice if they want to receive benefits. This doctor will determine the diagnosis and prognosis and then report this information to the insurance company so they can decide whether or not to approve the claim.

A workers’ compensation attorney can help injured workers through each stage of pursuing their injury claim. If the insurance company decides to deny benefits, the attorney can help the injured person to file an appeal so they can continue to pursue the benefits the law allows them to receive.

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