Reviewing The Necessary Procedures With A Social Security Disability Lawyer In Beaver Dam, WI

In Wisconsin, employers are required to comply with insurance laws. These laws identify a mandate for worker’s compensation insurance for any business owner who hires employees. Under these laws, all parties working for the business owner must be covered under these policies. The only exception to this ruling is any independent contractor who has signed a contract with the business owner. A Social Security Disability Lawyer in Beaver Dam WI provides legal support for any employees who sustain injuries while working.

Reviewing the Deadlines for Claims

Under Wisconsin law, the employee must acquire a medical report from their doctor. The report is acquiring initially from the human resources department for their employer. The employee presents this report to the doctor from which they choose to acquire treatment. The doctor has a period of ten days to submit this report describing the worker’s injuries to the worker’s compensation provider.

Acquiring Medical Treatment and Diagnosis

The medical report identifies what treatment was provided for the worker. It also identifies the diagnosis for the condition. The report must also indicate the full duration required for the worker to recover from their injuries. Once the report is submitted to the insurance carrier, a claim’s adjuster is assigned to the case.

Examining the Terms of the Worker’s Comp Policy

The claim’s adjuster must review the exact terms of the worker’s compensation policy. This allows them to identify conditions that are eligible for coverage. It also determines if the worker is eligible to acquire monetary benefits for the duration of time in which they are absent from work. Once the claim’s adjuster completes their assessment, they provide notification to the employer and the worker. A letter will arrive that determines if the worker was approved or denied for benefits. Upon receiving a denial, workers with eligible injuries should contact an attorney.

Wisconsin workers who are injured need legal clarity. If they are denied benefits and have a viable injury, they may need to seek legal counsel. Workers who were denied these benefits should contact a Social Security Disability Lawyer in Beaver Dam WI or visit for more information now.