Car Accidents Are The Number One Cause Of Personal Injury Claims

From one side of the country to the other, car accidents are the number one cause of personal injury claims that are filed every year in court. It is thought that there is one car accident every 60 seconds, day in and day out; this adds up to over six million accidents every year. These accidents claim thousands of lives and are responsible for millions of injuries. A car accident can easily affect a victim physically, emotionally and financially. In cases such as this many people turn to Chicago car accident attorneys to file a claim against the driver deemed responsible.

How can a car accident attorney help?

In the event you or a passenger in the car was injured, car accident attorneys can file a claim against the other party. In the event of a death the attorney will file a wrongful death claim. These claims seek compensation for the victim. The amount of the claim is comprised of any and all medical bills, repairs to or replacement of the car, lost wages, rehabilitation expenses and compensation for pain and suffering.

Chicago car accident attorneys can help you to determine if the situation is such that filing a personal injury claim is valid. Although you may think the claim is perfectly valid, if you were speeding at the time for example, the grounds may be less clear. However, if the attorney agrees with you that the accident was genuinely the cause of a negligent party he or she will help prove the claim so you will be awarded the compensation you deserve.

Should the Chicago car accident attorneys see there is a justifiable reason to file a claim for compensation they will not hesitate to represent you. Many car accident attorneys only seek payment once they have won the case for you, the attorneys agree to work on contingency because they believe you have a strong case and they believe they can win it for you. Visit us at Shea Law Group for more details.