Reviewing Local Laws With A Workers Comp Attorney In Ft. Pierce, FL

In Florida, worker’s compensation laws take a stricter approach to processing claims and providing benefits to injured workers. State statutes outline the full requirements for each employer and the steps they must take in the process. A Workers Comp Attorney in Ft. Pierce, FL clarifies the state statutes for workers who sustained work-related injuries.

Limits for Claims and Deadlines

According to state statute 72-101, injured workers have sixty days to report their injuries to their immediate supervisor. The state statute 72-201 says that the statute of limitations for filing a legal claim for a work-related injury is one year under state statute. Any failure to meet the deadlines is a forfeiture of rights to benefits and/or compensation.

When Do Workers Receive Wages Replacement Benefits?

State statute 72-402 states that workers who are hospitalized for their injuries have a waiting period of five days. However, they could receive the monetary benefits immediately. Any workers who weren’t hospitalized wait two weeks to receive benefits for the first five-day period following their accident.

Are There Limits Imposed on Wage Replacement Benefits?

Yes, state statute 72-409 indicates that the minimum benefit is forty-five percent of the worker’s wages. The maximum monetary benefit the worker could receive is ninety percent. The highest benefit value is paid to workers with the most severe injuries that require hospitalization. Additionally, state statute 72-451 requires worker’s compensation coverage for any mental injuries.

Can the Injured Worker Use Their Own Doctor?

State statute 72-432 defines the requirements for doctor selection in worker’s compensation claims. The worker must file a petition for the change of their physician to visit their own doctor for their injuries. The insurance company must also provide a pre-authorization if the worker wants to seek treatment from their doctor initially.

In Florida, worker’s compensation laws protect injured workers from mistreatment by insurers and employers. State statutes apply to nearly every step of the claim’s process and the requirements of all parties involved. The legislation enforces the rights of all workers in every industry. Employees who were injured and need legal assistance from a Workers Comp Attorney in Ft. Pierce, FL contact Matheson & Horowitz today to schedule an appointment right now.