Do You Need a Personal Injury Attorney or Not?

Just found yourself in a car accident? Here are a few questions to help you decide if you should go ahead and hire a personal injury attorney or not:

Was it your fault?

If the accident wasn’t your fault and you want to file for a claim, then consulting with a lawyer can be a helpful start. The lawyer will assess your case and tell you if pursuing the claim is worth it or not, financially.

Do you have severe injuries?

Injuries can take time to appear. That’s why a number of people involved in accidents don’t seek out to file a claim. Don’t let that happen to you. Seek out medical attention right away and have yourself thoroughly checked out. That way, if there are any signs that the injuries you’ve sustained are much more serious than you first thought, you can start the legal ball rolling by contacting a personal injury attorney in Anaheim.

Do you have a ton of medical bills?

If you find yourself up to your neck in medical bills, rehabilitation costs and more, then you are well within your rights to file for a claim. That’s something your lawyer can help you with. And because your lawyer knows the law inside and out, s/he’ll know what kind of other benefits you quality for, says the DMV. That can mean a huge difference between scraping by and getting the treatment you need for a full recovery.

Did you lose your wages or job because of the accident?

If you lost a project or your wages because you were unable to report for work, due to the injuries you sustained from the accident, then you are entitled to receive benefits to compensate you for those losses.

So if you find yourself in any of these situations, then don’t wait until things get worse. Hire legal help right from the start. To know more, contact Rawa Law Group.