Obtaining A Bail Bond In Atlanta

When someone receives a phone call from a loved one alerting them that they are in need of bail money, there will be an urgency to obtain funds to help get the person out of jail promptly. If there are no accessible funds to pay for bail, it may be necessary to obtain a Bail Bond in Atlanta. Here is a quick summary of how a bail bond works should someone need help to bail their loved one from jail immediately.

Call The Bail Bond Company

Many bail bond companies have around the clock hours to help someone who needs immediate assistance in getting a loved one released from jail. A call can be made to a bail bond service to inquire about their fees and what steps are needed to be able to get the needed money promptly. In most instances, the bail bond company will have a local building available to meet with the client to discuss the case.

Provide The Necessary Paperwork

The person who wishes to get a bail bond will need to provide some personal information to the bail bond company. This will be needed in case the person who was arrested does not show up for their court date. In that type of situation, the bail bond service would lose their money. Because of this risk, they will request that the person asking for a bond provide them with a form of collateral in case there is a no show situation. They would then keep this collateral to pay for their loss in funds.

The Bond Will Be Provided

After the paperwork is signed, the bond company will provide the jail with the necessary funds to release the person from their custody. The person will need to go to their court appearance in order to get this bail money relinquished back to the bail bond company. If they fail to show, not only does their loved one lose their collateral, but there is a chance they would be found by a bounty hunter and brought back to the jail.

If there is a need to obtain a Bail Bond in Atlanta, calling a reputable service is desired. Contact a reliable bond service or visit the website to find out more about the services offered today.