Ask a Criminal Attorney in Rochester, MN About DUIs and Interlock Ignition Devices

Minnesota joined many other states in 2010 by requiring everyone who is convicted of a DUI to install an interlock ignition device (IID). Anyone who refuses to permit the installation of this device in their vehicle will be prohibited from driving at all. Depending upon the case, this no-driving period could last as long as six years. Hiring a Criminal Attorney in Rochester MN to fight a DUI conviction could prevent the installation of an IID on your car.

A lot of people think that using an IID is as simple as blowing into the device before starting the car and that’s it. That initial blow is only part of the process. IIDs are also expensive.

What is an Interlock Ignition Device?

An IID is a little bigger than a cell phone and wired to your vehicle’s ignition. A breath sample is required from the driver before the vehicle will start. If alcohol is detected by the device, the engine won’t turn over. While the vehicle is being driven, the driver will periodically be required to blow into the IID. If alcohol is detected at this time, the car will shut off and the vehicle’s alarms (horn, sirens, flashing lights) will be triggered. The stated purpose of IIDs is to cut down on the number of DUIs.

The results of each breath test are recorded by the IID and periodically uploaded. If desired, the court will have a complete record of all of the driver’s breath tests.

The Costs of an IID

On average, an IID will cost the driver about $1,300 per year. The person convicted of the DUI is responsible for all of the costs associated with the IID.

   *   Installation normally costs $75 to $200 or more depending on the vehicle.

   *   The monthly rental fee ranges from $50 to $100.

   *   Maintenance fees will be charged periodically.

   *   Fees may be charged for downloading the data saved by the IID.

Other Drivers

If others will be driving the vehicle, they should also attend the instruction session on using the device. All other drivers will also be required to provide breath samples when driving the car, and those results will be stored in the IID as part of the record.

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