Obtain the Relief You Deserve After Buying a Lemon with a Trusted Attorney

by | Dec 19, 2017 | Attorneys

When purchasing a new automobile, it can be extremely frustrating to discover you have bought a defective auto that cannot be repaired. Especially, when the faulty car leaves you without transportation and additional charges such as towing the automobile. Most states have established laws that help protect consumers from experiencing financial hardship and unwanted stress that can be created by a defective automobile. The Michigan lemon law was designed to help protect consumers from being stuck with an inoperable automobile and to prevent manufacturers from denying them any relief to the burden.

Put the Law to Work for You

The Michigan lemon law can help support your claim from purchasing a defective auto by forcing the manufacturer to make the necessary repairs to get the auto back on the road. If they have made a minimum of four repairs to the same problem with an auto and fail to fixed the issue, you are entitled to be refunded for the auto or receive a replacement vehicle. With this law established, it prevents the company from denying you a solution to the problem and offers financial relief of owning a defective car.

Schedule an Appointment to Determine if You Qualify

Krohn & Moss, Ltd. Consumer Law Center® offers highly-trained attorneys that have a vast understanding of each state’s lemon laws. They can help determine if you qualify under the law to receive financial compensation or a replacement for a defective auto you purchased. With their assistance, a lawyer can help you successfully notify the manufacturer and help determine what is a reasonable amount of time before filing a claim with the court system. Why suffer the burden of owning an automobile that will not operate or decreases in value due to a problem when an attorney can help you obtain a solution?

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