Key Things to Do in a Store Slip and Fall Accident

Accidents don’t make anybody happy. If you slip and fall down, you could hurt your head or break an arm. Here’s what you need to do in case you get into an incident while you’re at a shop or store:

Determine Negligence

If you get into an accident because the store or business was negligent, then you have grounds to file for a lawsuit. However, that means proving there was negligence in the first place and that it caused you to slip and fall. Slipping and falling down at a store isn’t going to give you enough grounds to sue. Was the floor wet and there were no warning signs nearby? Were the stairs broken, with a few damaged steps that had yet to be fixed with no signs posted? Or did the stairs provide no rail support to help customers as they went up or down the steps? Any of these make for unsafe conditions and give you grounds to sue a shop or store for your accident.

Who’s Liable?

Liability is a tricky subject. Don’t automatically go for the property owner. Many owners rent their spaces or buildings out. In some cases, even if it’s the fault of the store owner’s employee, the suit should be filed against the store owner instead.

A Few Issues

Here are some things you’ll need to keep in mind when you set out to prove negligence:

  • Are the floors really slippery or are you wearing footwear that can make you slip on certain types of floors?
  • Did you know that the floor was slippery?
  • Did the store owner know that the floor was slippery?

Get Help

You’ll need legal help. Reach out to a slip and fall accident lawyer, says Covone Law, to discuss the particulars of your situation, determine if a claim is worth it, and get help to win your case.