A Variety of Paternity Situations Require Assistance From a Firm Practicing Family Law in Waukesha WI

In the realm of Family Law in Waukesha WI, paternity is a legal concept that is not established simply because a man’s name is listed on a child’s birth certificate. In most cases, the child’s paternity is assumed to belong to that listed individual, but paternity is called into question in a broad range of circumstances. Both the mother and the man who may be the child’s father may want legal representation when paternity is uncertain.

Parents Who Are Not Partners

In some instances, a woman has a child and states that a certain man is a father, but these two adults are not romantically or otherwise involved. They may have had a very brief intimate relationship that led to the pregnancy, but the man may be entirely uncertain that he is the only possible father. DNA testing can establish whether or not he is indeed the biological father of this child.

Women With Multiple Intimate Relationships

A woman with more than one sexual partner during the general time frame when the child was conceived cannot know which person is the biological father. Paternity verifies which man is legally responsible for financial support. An attorney who practices Family Law in Waukesha WI can assist clients on either side of this issue.

When a Married Woman Has an Affair

A pregnancy resulting from an affair can cause heartache for everyone. The husband may not want to act as a parent to a child that is not his. The other partner may or may not have any interest in this youngster.

Individual men obviously have their own unique feelings about the various situations. One man may want to establish paternity so he can build a relationship with the child, whereas another may hope to avoid a finding of paternity. Women also differ a great deal in these circumstances. A woman who is self-sufficient and doesn’t need the financial support may not have any interest in this man having an ongoing presence in her life. Unless the biological father pursues his paternity rights, they may simply agree to go their separate ways. A firm such as Horizons Law Group can help people move through the complexities of paternity and the decision-making process. Click here to visit the website.