Injured Victims Can Benefit from a Slip and Fall Lawyer

Serious injuries can result from slip and falls. When an obstacle or spill causes a person to fall, the property owner can be held liable for their damages and injuries. To ensure a victim can receive a fair outcome, it behooves them to meet with a slip and fall lawyer near Edison. A lawyer can advise a victim of their rights and assist them in the process of pursuing their claim with the property owner’s insurance company or in court.

The start of the process involves the injured victim informing the property owner of their damages and asking them to pay for them. A letter of demand can be drawn up by the lawyer and sent to the property owner. The owner should then report the injury claim to their insurance company who will then take over the process. The insurance company will often immediately begin placing demands on the victim. The lawyer will protect their client and ensure their rights are not infringed upon.

When one is fighting the insurance company alone, one often faces a tremendous amount of pressure. The insurance company may begin demanding prior medical records in an attempt to deny the claim. If the lawyer feels the insurance company is unfair in offering a settlement, the offer can be refused and the lawyer can pressure the insurance company to be fair. They also have the option of pursuing the claim in court.
There are a few areas that must be proven in a slip and fall injury claim:
* They must prove the property owner had a duty to provide a reasonably safe environment for the victim.
* They must prove the property owner breached their duty.
* They must prove the breach caused the slip and fall.
* They must prove injuries and measurable damages resulted from the fall.

If you have been seriously injured in a slip and fall, you need the help of a slip and fall lawyer near Edison. For further information, contact Kreizer Law. They will provide you with the guidance and peace of mind to ensure your injury case progresses smoothly. Call them today to set up your free consultation.

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