Criminal Law Services in Fredericton: What to Expect

by | Jun 17, 2021 | Criminal Lawyer

A lot of people have distorted expectations when they hire a criminal defense lawyer to take up their cases. When you first hire a firm that specializes in criminal law services in Fredericton, don’t expect them to handle everything on your behalf.

The criminal defense lawyer’s job is to make sure that the facts are presented in an accurate manner and to try to reduce the sentence, or to prove your innocence. You need to know how they work.

Lots of Questions

When you first hire any firm for their criminal law services in Fredericton, expect to go through long and rigorous interviews. Obviously, all of this is for your own good, because it will help the lawyers get a better understanding of the case and your part in it.

The lawyers are going to need all the relevant information that they require in order to build a better defense. Keep in mind that your lawyer is going to be taking notes during these meetings as well to ensure that they have all the information that they require.

Be Open About it

You should also ask any questions that you have for the lawyer, such as their professional opinion. Once they have compiled all the facts, they are going to give you their opinion about the case and determine whether they can help you out or what they can do for you. Then you can sign a retainer and bring them on.

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