Injured at Work in Vineland, NJ? How Workers Compensation Can Help

Being injured at work may mean that you cannot perform your job or have to take time off to see a doctor or rest at home. Your employer pays for workers compensation coverage to assist employees in these situations.

What is Workers Compensation?

Workers compensation is a type of insurance coverage that most employers are required to carry. The coverage is used for employees who are injured on the job. Rather than using your individual or family medical insurance for the costs, workers compensation pays the expenses. Workers compensation also provides protection for employees to ensure that they do not lose their jobs while they heal from work-related injuries and illnesses.

What to Do If You are Injured at Work

If you are injured at work, report the incident to your Human Resources Department right away. This is a requirement under Workers Compensation. Your HR person should document what happened and start the Workers Compensation claim. Next, go see a doctor immediately to document the nature and severity of your injury.

What to Do When Your Employer Does Not Provide Workers Compensation Benefits

If you have been injured on the job and your employer is not working with you, workers’ compensation attorneys in Vineland, NJ can help. An attorney protects your rights under Workers Compensation and ensures that you receive the benefits to which you are entitled.

Where to Find Workers’ Compensation Attorneys in Vineland, NJ

Kavanagh & Kavanagh LLC specializes in Workers Compensation claims for employees in Vineland. Call us today for more information.

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