How to Hire Auto Accident Attorneys in Hollywood FL

Over 30,000 automobile accidents occur in Florida each month. After an accident, individuals struggle with both recovering from the crash and handling all of the communications with insurance adjusters. They worry they may not be able to receive adequate compensation for their losses. Hiring Auto Accident Attorneys in Hollywood FL can give peace of mind to accident victims that their interests are being well represented and that they can be fairly compensated for losses they sustained in the auto accident.

Is an Attorney Necessary?

Accident attorneys, rightfully so, are compensated for their time and attention to the cases they work on. Minor accidents are usually clear-cut, and individuals can handle insurance adjuster communications and requests on their own. Accidents such as fender benders would generally not require assistance from a trained accident attorney. However, in situations where there has been significant injuries or property damage, an attorney may be able to help a client to receive fair compensation for their losses from the accident.

When to Contact an Attorney

Florida, like most states, has a statute of limitations on personal injury cases, which means an individual only has a specific length of time after an accident to file a legal claim. As such, it is much better to speak with an attorney as early as possible to avoid making a costly mistake. Additionally, insurance adjusters will want to try and settle a claim quickly. Do not make the mistake of agreeing to a settlement for significant damages without first consulting an experienced attorney.

Consulting an Attorney

Reputable auto accident attorneys offer free consultations to potential clients. Use this opportunity to gauge your comfort level with each possible attorney. Be wary of anyone who will guarantee a specific outcome, but instead look for an attorney who has a particular course of action planned out based on the specifics of the case. Be sure to discuss each attorney’s fee structure, so there are no surprises later on. Accident victims need to make sure that whichever attorney they hire is someone with whom they feel comfortable as accident cases can take time to settle properly. For more information about accident claims or to speak with Auto Accident Attorneys in Hollywood FL, contact the Law Offices of McCullough & Leboff, P.A.