How Do Criminal Defendants Arrange For Bail?

After an arrest, criminal defendants in Georgia are released from jail if the judge grants bail. The value assigned for bail depends on the crime, dangers to the public, and the age of the victim. A defendant has the option to secure a bail bond instead of paying the total bail value. A local bail bondsman offers Jail Bond in Atlanta for defendants now.

What Details Do You Need?

The representative needs the full name and birthdate of the defendant. The name of the jail where the defendant is held and the defendant’s booking number are also needed. The defendant must attend their arraignment before the bail value is set. Once it is set, the representative provides the details to the bail bondsman.

How Do Defendants Obtain a Bond?

The representative approaches the bail bondsman with all vital details. The percentage of the bail value paid to secure the bail bond ranges between ten and fourteen. The representative remits the payment to the bail bondsman to secure the bond. The bondsman accepts cash, real property deeds, auto titles, and jewellery. Credit cards and checks are acceptable forms of payment as well. The value of any collateral used to secure the bond must reflect at least the total cost of the bond itself.

Is the Premium Returned to the Defendant?

No, the representative won’t receive any refund for their payment. The cost of the bail bond allows the defendant to obtain a release from jail. The bondsman won’t expect any additional payment as long as the defendant doesn’t violate the terms of their release.

What is Defined as Jumping Bail?

The expression, “jumping bail” applies to a failure to appear in court. A violation of the release such as leaving the state or country without prior permission is also jumping bail. The defendant must secure permission regardless of their reason for leaving. If they don’t appear in court, the judge issues a bench warrant for the defendant’s arrest.

In Georgia, criminal defendants are released from the county jail after their bail is paid, or a bond is secured. Bail bondsmen provide the bonds after a cash payment or collateral is secured. Defendants who need to learn more about a Jail Bond in Atlanta are encouraged to contact Free At Last Bail Bonds for more info now.