FAQs That A Social Security Attorney Around Me Could Answer

by | Feb 16, 2018 | Legal Services

In California, social security benefits assist disabled individuals who can’t work. The Social Security Administration offers two programs for disabled individuals. Supplemental security income is provided to individuals who have never worked. Social security disability insurance is provided to workers who are no longer able to work. A Social Security Attorney Around Me helps individuals who are turned down for the programs.

How are Attorneys Paid for Legal Claims?

An attorney receives a percentage of the back pay awarded in a disability claim. Any fees accumulated by the client are also deducted. The fees include court costs, billable hours, and any investigative services related to the case.

Are There Fees for Obtaining Medical Records?

Yes, doctor’s charge fees for any copies of medical records retrieved for patients. The costs are relatively minimal for most claimants if they have a limited number of doctors. Additional fees apply if the records are located in a different state.

Could a Doctor Refuse to Testify?

By law, the doctor cannot refuse to testify in the case. The attorney arranges the delivery of a subpoena to the doctor when testimony is needed. The court retains the right to issue a bench warrant if the doctor doesn’t appear in court as directed.

How Do Claimants Receive Their Award in Social Security Cases?

The court offers directions for paying the claimant. Typically, the Social Security Administration pays a lump sum to the claimant. The payment is made via a check or direct deposit into the claimant’s checking account.

Can Survivors Receive the Disability Benefits If the Claimant Dies?

No, surviving children and/or spouses won’t receive the disability benefits if the claimant dies. Survivor benefits are paid through a separate social security-based program. All disability payments stop once the claimant’s death is reported.

In California, social security benefits provide adequate funds to support claimants financially. The value of the funds is based on the current rate of pay. The funds increase each time the government issues a cost of living increase. The state of California also offers supplementary benefits for qualifying recipients. Claimants who need to file a claim contact a Social Security Attorney Around Me by visiting Erichuntattorney.com now.

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