How Diesel Fumes Negatively Affect Some Chicago, Illinois Workers

It can be a challenge to find employment that allows you to adequately care for the needs of your family. There are some forms of employment that require people to work in dangerous environments. They knowingly work in these environments, but they have the right to expect that their employer will take the steps to protect them from said dangers.

A stomach cancer lawyer can help workers who are sick as a result of diesel exhaust vapors. This could include individuals working in the mining, trucking, railroad, or maritime industries. When individuals are exposed to diesel fumes, they are typically exposed to other toxins. The result is that they are at a higher risk of developing diseases like cancer.

A good stomach cancer lawyer will minimize the number of cases they accept with the goal of helping their clients receive the timely and personal attention they need. The concept of diesel exhaust being linked to cancer is not new. Diesel contains several known carcinogens. Since 1950, the medical community has been aware of the increased risk for cancer for individuals who are forced to work around diesel fumes.

There are 300 variations of cancer. Many of these cancers can be linked to exposure to diesel exhaust. Of course, diesel exhaust on its own is not the sole culprit. Pesticides, asbestos, and secondhand smoke can combine with diesel fumes to increase a person’s chances of developing cancer.

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