Hiring a Criminal Lawyer? 5 Things to Look for

If you’re faced with criminal charges, hiring a criminal lawyer is your best defense. Finding the right one to tackle your case, though, might be a bit of challenge. Here are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind:

Consultation process

Some lawyers provide free consultation services while others ask for a low fee. If the lawyer asks for money out right, that could be a red flashing sign that you will be better off hiring someone else.

References and reviews

You’ll need a lawyer you can trust. References and positive reviews help build that trust. Ask for a list of references and call up those numbers, the Huff Post suggests. By the time those calls are through, you’ll have a better idea of the kind of lawyer you have. Read through online reviews as well. Look out for bad ones. If there are too many bad reviews, though, then you’ll know enough to stop you from wasting your time hiring that lawyer.


How much experience does your criminal lawyer have? The last thing you want is someone inexperienced to take on your case. Someone who has already put in years of service in the field and has successful record for settling cases makes for an excellent option.


What’s the payment arrangement? Will your lawyer expect you to pay a flat fee, based on an hourly rate or ask for a retainer? Discussing this early on will help you decide which lawyer is much more suited to your case, in case of skills, expertise and budget.


If your lawyer doesn’t call you back or rarely have time to discuss the case with you, then your lawyer isn’t giving you and your case the attention you both deserve. Look for help elsewhere.

By keeping these things in mind, finding the right legal counsel should be a bit easier.