Appealing A VA Disability Claim Denial

by | Jun 5, 2017 | Lawyer

If your claim for disability benefits is rejected you have every right to appeal the decision. The VA gives you one year to engage veterans benefits attorneys in Texas and prepare an appeal. There is a great deal of media attention being shown to the very high number of errors that the VA is making, it makes a great deal of sense to believe your claim is valid and consider appealing. The numbers are staggering actually; a recent study showed that the BVA, Board of Veterans Appeals, found that in nearly three quarters of the cases they reviewed; there were errors.

What can you base your appeal on?

An appeal is simply a request that you make to the BVA, asking them to review the decision that was made by your local VA office. You actually can appeal for any reason, perhaps you only received a partial denial while the other part of your claim was approved or perhaps your claim was approved but the level of benefits awarded is incorrect.

Although there are numerous reasons to appeal a denial of benefits, the two most often cited are:

   *    The application was denied because the VA does not believe the disability is service related, and

   *    The veteran is of the opinion that his or her disability is worse than the rating applied by the VA

Getting help for your appeal:

The appeals process is not easy; it is complicated and often frustrating. Most veterans that go ahead with an appeal hire veterans benefits attorneys in Texas.

The entire process can take many years, as a disabled veteran that believes he or she deserves benefits you should take full advantage of all the help you can get. As veterans benefits attorneys work on contingency there are no legal expenses or costs due until your attorneys win your case on appeal.

Veterans benefits attorneys in Texas can help you win the benefits you deserve if your claim was denied. To discuss the merits of your case you are invited to contact Jackson & MacNichol, Attorneys at Law.

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