Factors to Consider When Making Decisions for Child Custody in Dayton OH

Child Custody in Dayton Ohio is a major affair in divorce. A judge factors in several things when assisting in making this decision for divorced parents. Decisions are pivoted around what is most appropriate for the children. Living circumstances definitely influence a decision for primary custody. The parent with primary custody might keep the family home so the children attend the same school system and maintain a sense of constancy. Parents who arrange to live in close proximity to each other for the sake of children sharing equivalent time with each of them makes it easier to grant joint custody. Younger children who still have many years of dependency left can keep a sense of family unity when they continue to spend ample time with both parents.

In most divorce cases, Child Custody in Dayton OH can be set up in a way the parents prefer if they both agree to it. A judge may consider the level of cooperativeness between the separated couple. If there is a lot of animosity, a spouse with primary custody might try to make it hard for the other parent to see the children routinely. A judge makes sure visitation is a legal right with penalties for not abiding by it. Alienating children from a parent they have established a relationship with is psychologically damaging. Parents should put their differences aside and think about how it would affect a child in that matter. Children who are twelve and older are at an age where they can make decisions they feel are best for them. In this case, a judge can use that as a guiding tool for choosing a primary custodian.

If a parent feels a fair chance isn’t being given for custody, a family lawyer can help. If both parents are seen fit to have custody, live in a home suitable for the occupancy of children and has sufficient means for supporting them, primary custody is a hard decision to make. A family lawyer can support ones request for custody. They can compare and contrast each parent’s situation and put emphasis on the differences that make one living situation better than the other. Legal support in court has great influence on the outcome.