Accident Attorneys in Tucson, AZ Differentiate Between Medical Malpractice and Cases of Ordinary Negligence

by | Mar 21, 2016 | Lawyer

A slip-and-fall incident that occurs in a hospital and results in injury is probably the responsibility of the medical facility, although it typically isn’t considered medical malpractice. A patient or a visitor who slips and falls on a wet floor that was recently mopped by the cleaning crew may deserve financial compensation for injuries suffered. But this case is in the realm of ordinary negligence, not malpractice. Accident attorneys in Tucson, AZ evaluate falling incidents that occur in a medical setting to determine how the cases should be categorized.

An incident that would probably be considered malpractice is one in which a patient falls while being lifted onto magnetic resonance imaging equipment. This situation involved medical diagnostics, and there should have been enough supervision and support from staff members to prevent the fall. It would likely qualify as malpractice because it involved an inadequate standard of medical care. A patient with limited mobility who falls from a hospital bed that did not have the railings up may also be considered a victim of medical malpractice.

Cases may be handled differently if they are categorized as malpractice or as ordinary negligence. Malpractice cases tend to be more complicated and have more levels of consideration to prove negligence. Accident attorneys in Tucson, AZ who do not handle malpractice cases can refer injured individuals to another firm if this is most suitable.

If the accident that occurred at the medical facility was due to some other kind of negligence, these lawyers will offer to represent the client. The facility’s insurer may try to fight the negligence claim. In the wet floor episode, the person might have ignored caution signs set up by the cleaning crew. This individual might have been looking down at a cell phone screen or reading a newspaper while walking through the area. Experienced attorneys evaluate these situations and can tell the injured person whether or not this is a case that deserves financial compensation. Someone who was injured by falling in a medical facility may consult a firm such as Price and Price Law for a free consultation to learn more.

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