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In Texas, child custody hearings are scheduled during a divorce. The hearings enable a judge to make choices for the parents when the parents cannot reach an agreement. Custody Lawyers Bee Cave TX help parents prepare for child custody hearings and potential outcomes.

The Living Environment

The living environment of each parent is reviewed by the court. Before a custody hearing, the court might assign a caseworker to visit each parent’s home. The purpose is to determine who has the most suitable living environment for the child. Laws require the parent to have adequate bedrooms and living space for the child or children.

The Ability to Support the Child

The earning capacity of each parent doesn’t necessarily restrict access to custody. The court requires child support to balance out financial support for the child. However, the parents must have the ability to fulfill the child’s basic needs with their income.

The Child’s Choice

After the age of twelve, the child has the right to voice where they want to live. A guardian ad litem is assigned to the case and discusses the child’s wishes with the court. The court might allow the child to choose if neither parent is a risk to the child. The parent must offer a suitable living environment and should allow the child to have a relationship with the other parent.

Potential Risks to the Child

Any potential risks to the child are presented to the court. A caseworker investigates any allegations before the child custody hearing. Any findings are reported to the court. The most prevailing risks are addiction, abuse, neglect, and criminal activities or behavior patterns. When a risk exists, the opposing parent receives sole child custody.

In Texas, child custody hearings allow a judge to set up a child custody arrangement for couples. The factors that apply to the decision start with the income of each parent, their living environments, and any potential risks to the child. Children 12 and older have a say in any decision about where they live. Parents who need help contact Custody Lawyers Bee Cave TX for further details today.

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