Dire Straits Avoided by Real Estate Planning Attorneys Henderson, NV

Planning for the end of life while living is crucial in order to help the loved ones left behind avoid unneeded burdens. This is pertinent advice for the prudent, yet very few have heeded the call of this wisdom. The average person may have few assets they consider worthy of their time to designate for beneficiaries. It has been proven that this line of thinking is erroneous, and it cannot be corrected without the lengthy process of court-mandated changes once death knocks on the door.

Celebrities’ lack of estate planning is more in the forefront than the average person, simply because of their line of work. Sonny Bono, of the famed duo “Sonny and Cher”, for example, did not plan for the future for him and his wife. When he died in 1998 in a skiing accident, it was discovered that he did not leave a will behind. His wife had to petition the court to be the administrator of her late husband’s estate. These are daunting, heartbreaking realities that no one wants to face.

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Actor Heath Ledger is an example of another celebrity who did, in fact, have a will in place, but it had not been updated to reflect his life changes once he married actress Michelle Williams. The omission of heirship to his wife and subsequent daughter wreaked havoc on their lives when they were not provided for once he passed on. This caused additional, undue suffering to those family members left behind. Setting up the groundwork beforehand will save a lot of additional grief and heartache.

Perhaps the spotlight on others can serve as an example of what needs to be done to protect family assets and the financial future of loved ones. Real estate planning attorneys in Henderson, NV have a plan tailor-made for the needs of their clients. Visit the website  for more information.