Contact a Personal Injury Law Firm in Nassau County, NY If You’ve Been Injured

Being injured due to no fault of your own is frustrating both physically and financially. Very serious injuries could result in an individual not being able to go to work or enjoy the things they used to enjoy. A personal injury law firm in Nassau County, NY will work very hard to ensure that a victim receives the compensation they deserve. Someone that is unable to work may not get paid from their employer for the days they miss. This can become a serious problem if the injury prevents them from being at work for more than a day or two. Individuals that are unable to return to their regular duties at work can also suffer financial hardship.

A personal injury law firm in Nassau County, NY will immediately begin the negotiation process with the insurance company to obtain a fair and reasonable settlement so that the victim can focus only on their recovery. Individuals that receive permanent scarring, nerve damage, spinal cord injuries, or the loss of a limb or use of it may be entitled to a higher compensation for their injuries. Motorcycle and tractor trailer truck accident victims tend to receive more serious injuries than a simple car accident or a slip and fall. A thorough investigation must be performed in order to obtain the necessary information to file a claim, which the attorney can also do.

A spouse, child, or parent may file a wrongful death case in the event that injuries caused the death of their loved one. Trying to settle a case on your own when the insurance company is calling you constantly is never recommended. Their sole purpose is to settle the case as quickly as possible and for as little money as they can. When you contact an attorney immediately after an accident, they will begin the process of speaking to the insurance company. Minor injuries can be usually settled easily. Before any type of settlement is agreed to, it should be reviewed with the Law Office of Steven R. Smith. They will make sure you receive what you legally deserve. For more information on personal injury claims, pay them a visit online.