Dealing With a Divorce Is Easier With a Family Attorney in Bel Air MD

Working through a divorce can be heart-wrenching for everyone involved, whether they want their marriage to end or not. When one is going through a divorce, there are many complications that can arise and cause problems in the process. Those who are facing the end of their marriage would do well to hire a Family Attorney in Bel Air MD. A family attorney can deal with all of the aspects of a divorce, including custody. The sooner one gets an attorney involved, the better protected a person’s rights and best interests will be.

When one is ending their marriage, they are immediately faced with a myriad of decisions that can be difficult to deal with. This is especially true if they have been married for many years, have a lot of marital property, or have minor children. The first step in filing for divorce is meeting with the Family Attorney in Bel Air MD. At this meeting, the attorney has the client go over the reasons they want their marriage to be over and their desired outcome. The attorney can help by filing the initial paperwork to start the process in the court system.

There are two types of divorces one can file for in the state of Maryland:

  • Absolute divorce requires a grounds (reason) be met before the divorce will be granted. Acceptable grounds for filing in the state include living separated for twelve or more consecutive months, adultery, desertion, cruelty, certain types of criminal convictions, excessively vicious conduct, and insanity.
  • Limited divorce can be filed when a couple simply wants to be separated or they do not meet any of the grounds for divorce that are required by the state.

An attorney can help a client make the decision on what grounds to file. If they choose a fault ground, such as cruelty or adultery, they will have to be able to back up their ground in court.

She and her staff will offer you the legal services you need to make the process easier to go through.