An Estate Planning Lawyer Can Help, Contact In Anaheim

There is more to effective estate planning than simply a will. An Anaheim lawyer specializing in this complex area of law can help you to develop a plan to minimize taxes upon your death, prepare one or more living trusts, and protect your assets from any creditors after you die. As state law governs how your estate can be handled, it is essential that you work with an experienced lawyer knows the laws that are applicable in California.

How The Lawyer Will Help You

A lawyer cannot be effective if he or she does not have detailed information about your assets and savings. Your lawyer must know what you own and what the assets are worth. You must work with a lawyer who you are comfortable with, as you will have to share a great deal of information that would be considered private.

Airing your “dirty laundry” is not easy, but for the lawyer to develop the best plan, it is something that must be done. Do not forget, you are not the first client; lawyers have been made privy to many awkward family situations, and they don’t shock easily. Furthermore, your relationship with your lawyer is governed by attorney-client privilege and nothing discussed in confidence can be divulged.

Don’t Try To Cut Corners

The adage, “buyer beware” certainly holds true with effective estate planning. Using pre-developed forms available in any stationary store is a false economy. A well-developed estate plan requires the input and expertise of a qualified lawyer. The last thing you want is for your heirs to learn that your will or trust is not legal and will not provide what it is you wanted for your family. You can save a little up front, but your heirs will spend far more trying to fix the errors after the fact.

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