Wrongly Convicted Of A Crime? Choose A Lawyer That Deals In Criminal Defense Law In Mount Vernon, WA

The worst has happened, and someone is accused of a crime they insist they didn’t commit. The police may come with handcuffs and take the individual to jail. This isn’t’ the time to delay. The very next step is to contact a lawyer who handles Criminal Defense Law in Mount Vernon WA. A criminal defense lawyer knows what to do to make the situation as bearable as possible considering the circumstances. It’s usually possible for the accused, or their family, to contact a lawyer while they are still held in the jail. The Law Office of Corbin T. Volluz is always ready to help, ensuring the rights of the accused are protected during this difficult time.

Most criminal lawyers will come to the jail immediately after being contacted by a potential client. The accused has the right to only be questioned in the presence of their attorney, and it’s suggested that they exercise that right no matter the circumstances. Law enforcement can be known for their intimidating form of questioning, along with sometimes confusing questions, that may have the accused admitting guilt for something they didn’t do.

By having an attorney by their side throughout the interrogation, the accused and their family can be assured that only properly posed questions are answered in a clear and concise way. It’s imperative to hire an attorney the accused is comfortable dealing with, as they’ll be working closely together throughout the duration of the case. It’s also essential that the accused by totally honest with their attorney. The attorney can only help as long as he knows the entire situation.

It doesn’t matter if the accused was in the wrong place at the wrong time or if it is a case of mistaken identity. No matter what the reason, if someone is accused of a crime they didn’t commit, it’s important to fight the charges. A skilled attorney, one that is experienced in Criminal Defense Law in Mount Vernon WA, will know what to do to fight for the innocence of their client. At a time like this, when freedom is at stake, don’t hesitate to contact a criminal attorney-;one that will fight for justice and freedom at all costs.