Why Hire a DUI Attorney in Maricopa, AZ?

Driving under the influence of an intoxicating drug is a strict criminal offence. For a police officer with years of experience, it’s not difficult to spot a driver who’s driving under the influence. There are pretty tell-tale signs, such as bloodshot eyes, erratic behavior, and the inability of the driver to keep the vehicle in a straight line. If you have been caught in a DUI case, you could end up losing your license altogether. Hiring a DUI attorney in Maricopa, AZ is very important if you don’t want to go down that road. Here are some important reasons why you should hire a reliable attorney if you have been handed a DUI charge.

Representing You

Your DUI attorney will represent you in court and will plead your case before the judge to help you get a more lenient sentence. Experienced attorneys have a great deal of experience in handling such cases, and will be able to get you a significantly reduced sentence. You can contact Alexander Law Offices and explain your case to them. Their experienced lawyers will sit down with you and take down notes to prepare a defense and get you a reduced sentence.

Legal Advice

Another reason why you should hire a DUI attorney is because they will give you tailored legal advice based on your past record and guide you in regards to what you need to do to avoid such instances in the future. The lawyer will also explain any future implications that might occur as a result of the case proceedings. Tailored legal advice is very important for people who don’t know much about where they stand as far as losing their license or ending up behind bars is concerned. You can also visit them on Facebook.