Why a Legal Answering Service is an Indispensable Tool for Miami Attorneys

by | Aug 11, 2021 | Virtual Law Office

Every attorney receives a variety of phone messages. Some are routine, some are important but not urgent, some are solicitations or other annoyances. And some are calls that require immediate attention.

Lawyers need intelligent, round-the-clock answering services to ensure that vital information doesn’t get lost or important opportunities missed. Fortunately, there are specialized legal answering services in Miami that can provide this level of support.

Faults with Voicemail

Voicemail is inexpensive, but it has too many flaws to be adequate for a law office. You can waste valuable time each day listening to dozens of messages instead of going straight to the ones that need your attention ASAP. Voicemail is easy as well, but messages can be poorly recorded, garbled, cut off too soon, omit details, or be too vague to act on. Voicemail can’t distinguish between an important call and an offer for solar panels.

Issues with All-Purpose Answering Services

Generic answering services may work for many types of businesses, but most can’t handle the particular requirements of a law office. General answering services may juggle your calls along with incoming calls to plumbers, insurance agents, and landscaping services. Their phone staff may not be sufficiently trained or experienced to take messages that use legal terminology. They may not appreciate the importance of client confidentiality. Or they may lack the professionalism to represent your practice in the manner you prefer.

Advantages of Using a Legal Answering Service

The professional, trained receptionists at a legal answering service will be familiar with legal terms and procedures, allowing them to take better messages and screen calls more intelligently. Important calls will be forwarded to you promptly. In addition, clients are usually happier when they can talk to a live person instead of a machine. And the best legal answering services will impress your callers, reassure your clients, and enhance your professional image.

Legal Edge Services is a leader in providing professional legal answering services in Miami and South Florida. To learn more, visit .

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