When to Hire an Accident Lawyer in Norfolk, VA

In Virginia, approximately every four seconds a vehicle accident takes place. By the end of the year, about 700 people will have died due to these accidents and 65,000 others will suffer injuries. Many lives are changed forever just because someone else was careless for a couple of seconds. The high financial and physical cost of the average accident is why every victim needs to hire an accident lawyer in Norfolk, VA. A lot of time and money could be lost if people wait and hope that insurance companies are fair.

Some people choose to wait to see if they really need a lawyer. This is perfectly acceptable and within the rights of every driver. However, it is important to stay prepared in case it does not work out. Some steps to take immediately after an accident include having a copy of the police report, tracking all expenses related to the accident and taking photographs of the vehicles and the accident site. Gather contact information of any witnesses and make notes on the day of the accident regarding what happened, any comments made by the other driver and any other potentially pertinent information. There will be very clear signs when it is time to contact an accident lawyer in Norfolk, VA.

• When an adjuster makes an offer that is much lower than what is expected.

• If the insurance company requests medical records dated prior to the accident.

• The injuries to the driver or passengers are severe enough to require long-term treatment or permanent medical concerns.

• The insurance company is delaying the case and will not provide an estimate of when payment will be sent.

• A denial of the claim is received.

Every law office has accident victims contact them months after an accident. These people have usually been forced to spend their own money to cover their medical expenses or their vehicle repairs. They are often struggling to make up for the financial losses suffered due to the accident. A fast response after an accident makes certain people are not suffering through hardships because of something they did not cause. Visit website to learn how to avoid this situation. Contact them immediately if an accident has already occurred.