When the Insurance Company Doesn’t Pay, Contact a Traffic Accident Lawyer in Jefferson County, MO

by | Jan 19, 2016 | Lawyer

Insurance is required by law for every person who owns and drives a vehicle. The idea behind this is to not only cover the person who causes the accident, but to cover the expenses incurred by the victim of the car accident. However, the insurance company isn’t always going to just give the victim the money they’re entitled to. In some cases, they may deny the claim by stating the victim was actually the one who caused the accident. This could be done for a variety of reasons, but the result is the victim not receiving the money they should.

When a victim of a car accident is denied their claim, they have the option of working with a traffic accident lawyer in Jefferson County, MO. This is a type of lawyer who understands what is needed for a person to be able to obtain compensation after an accident and how to help them obtain it. The lawyer will start by looking over the information given to them by their client. They’ll search for evidence to prove their client was the victim in the accident. This could include a police report, witness statements, and even video evidence of the accident collected from security cameras at stores by the accident.

Once the lawyer has sufficient evidence, they’ll determine the amount their client should receive and then start negotiations with the insurance company. Often, this is enough for the insurance company to offer a settlement and the lawyer will work to ensure it’s an adequate settlement that covers all of the accident-related expenses, including legal fees. If it’s not sufficient or the insurance company still denies the claim, the lawyer can take the case to court to be decided by a judge who will reviews all evidence from both sides.

Being a victim in a car accident often means the person is entitled to compensation for the injuries and damages they suffered. When it’s hard or impossible for them to get the compensation, a traffic accident lawyer in Jefferson County, MO can help. Anyone who would like more information can Visit the website today or speak with a lawyer about their own case.

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