When It’s Time to Call a Truck Accident Attorney in Lafayette LA

There are a couple of clear-cut signs that it’s time to contact a Truck Accident Attorney in Lafayette LA. The first of these is also the most simple: Was the accident caused by the driver of the truck, or at least largely caused by the driver of the truck? If so, an attorney that focuses on personal injury law, especially 18 wheeler cases, can be extremely helpful. The insurance companies that represent the “big rig” drivers are often very tough to deal with, and only an experienced lawyer can secure a good settlement for their client. The insurance company may even try to deny that their client is responsible, so a lawyer can clearly prove liability in such a case.

Another reason to call a Truck Accident Attorney in Lafayette LA is an injury. Did an injury occur? If the injury was severe enough that it required either a visit to the hospital or a doctor’s office visit, it is important to start working with a lawyer quickly. The injuries from truck accidents often require long-term treatment and rehabilitation. Injuries like whiplash, broken bones, and concussions are quite common with this kind of accident. All of these injuries can be very costly since treatment may extend over a period of months of even years. An attorney will make sure that the injury is meticulously documented so that they can secure compensation for their client.

If the insurance company representing the truck driver has already tried to reach out, it is smart to contact a personal injury like Chris Richard as soon as possible. Find his website online at chrisrichardattorney.com to arrange a consultation. The reason that individuals should always contact the lawyer first is that the lawyer is a very skilled negotiator. The insurance company is well aware of this fact, and they will not generally waste time with insulting settlement offers once they know a lawyer is involved. The insurance company also knows that an experienced truck accident lawyer will not hesitate to file a lawsuit against them on behalf of their client if the offer is not reasonable. Very few individuals can navigate through the court system to file a lawsuit successfully, but a lawyer does that every day and knows exactly how to do so with the highest level of success.