When a Spouse Needs Emergency Assistance From a Divorce Lawyer in Cullman AL

Divorce proceedings usually move along at an average pace, although sometimes the case progresses more slowly because of disagreements and the need to negotiate. On the opposite side of the spectrum, sometimes a spouse views the need for a fast divorce as imperative. A consultation can be scheduled quickly with a Divorce Lawyer in Cullman AL if a man or woman feels the need to hurry.

Domestic Violence

A main reason someone wants an emergency consultation with a Divorce Lawyer in Cullman AL is when domestic violence has occurred. The victim may not want to move to a shelter, especially if children would have to come too. Being able to have the abuser removed from the home and a legal separation put in place might be the answer for these family members to feel safe and secure. A protection order or restraining order issued by the court may be advisable as well.

Staying in the Home

Another benefit to staying in the home is that the other spouse cannot start engaging in negative behavior like breaking possessions or taking valuables away to hide them. Under certain conditions, a lawyer can arrange an emergency hearing before a judge to prevent the sale of any assets or belongings.

In addition, the person who stays in the home always has the advantage of not being viewed legally as abandoning or deserting the other spouse.

Other Protective Effects

Having a lawyer file certain types of paperwork with the court or establishing a legal separation has other protective effects for the client. A child custody and visitation schedule can be developed quickly, as can a requirement for child support payments. Under certain circumstances, alimony may be required as well.

When spouses separate, there are usually extra expenses because one has to find a new place to live. This can make it difficult to continue contributing to mortgage payments and paying other bills for the family home. When the separation happens suddenly and is not discussed beforehand, having legal representation to address these financial matters is important.

A person dealing with this situation will find Emergency Consultations Available with law firms such as O’Neal and Kilgo, Attorneys at Law.