What Your Automobile Accident Lawyer in Medford Needs

After an auto accident you will need to focus on healing. However, it’s essential to start working with an automobile accident lawyer in Medford as soon as possible to ensure you get a timely resolution for your case. When you schedule an appointment with a lawyer there are a few things you should prepare to ensure a smooth process.

Tell Your Story

While your automobile accident lawyer in Medford will have access to the police report and possibly any witness statements, they will want to hear your firsthand account of what happened. If you worry about forgetting the details, it can be useful to write down what you remember right after the accident. This information will be valuable in helping your lawyer put together your case from your perspective.

Photos of the Scene

Photos are worth a thousand words, especially after a car accident. Provide your automobile accident lawyer in Medford with copies of any pictures you took of the accident scene. If there are pictures of your injuries when you saw the doctor, these photos can be useful as well. Your attorney will determine which pictures are important and which ones are unnecessary for your case.

Medical Reports

In addition to police reports and witness accounts, your automobile accident lawyer in Medford will want to see your medical reports. This information is critical to proving the value of your injuries to give your lawyer an accurate picture of how much compensation you should seek. If you see the doctor again after your initial consultation, keep your attorney updated.

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