What You Should Know About Workers Compensation Benefits In Salt Lake City, UT

In Utah, employers are required to maintain insurance to provide coverage for worker-related injuries. Through worker’s compensation, they can file a claim for these injuries and acquire coverage for these medical requirements. Unfortunately, select employers fail to acquire adequate coverage, and some claims are denied. An attorney can provide representation for employees seeking Workers Compensation in Benefits in Salt Lake City UT today.

Seeking Medical Treatment

The first step for the employee is to seek medical treatment. Their employer is required by law to provide documents needed to file a worker’s compensation claim. The human resources department must provide the employee with these forms when he or she leaves the building to acquire treatment. All medical records for this injury are needed if the employee must file a lawsuit later.

Deadlines for Submitting the Claim

The attending doctor is required to submit the forms for the worker’s compensation claim in ten days. If they fail to provide these forms, the insurer can deny the employee’s claim. If the doctor fails to comply with these laws, this failure is actionable.

Why a Claim’s Adjuster is Assigned

A claim’s adjuster is assigned to all worker’s compensation cases to evaluate the terms of the policy. They must review the terms to determine if the worker’s injuries are covered under the policy. They must also evaluate the worker’s actions to determine if they followed all safety policies defined by their employer. Any failure could result in a denial of medical coverage and monetary benefits.

What to Do If You are Denied

If the claim is denied, the worker has two options. They can file an appeal through court to acquire a hearing. During the hearing, the judge evaluates the medical evidence and provides a decision. A lawsuit is the second option. It requires a jury to render a decision for the worker.

In Utah, employers must follow all safety regulations to reduce the potential for an employee-related accident. A failure to comply makes the employer liable for injuries. They are also required to maintain adequate insurance coverage to pay for worker-related injuries and provide benefits for lost wages. Employees who have sustained these injuries and were denied Workers Compensation in Benefits in Salt Lake City UT should visit  for more information now.