What to Know about Bail Bonding in Watauga, Texas

People who are involved in criminal proceedings or a civil matter may find themselves having to make bail to stay out of jail. If those people can’t pay the bail themselves, they usually can depend upon services like bail bonding agencies to supply the amount of bail they need to get out of jail until the time of the court case. An agency that provides Bail Bonding in Watauga, Texas helps defendants make their bail until their day in court. Here are some things to know about bail bonding matters in Texas.

Information about Bail Bonding

A person may be in the need of a criminal bail bond or a civil bail bond, with the latter guaranteeing the payment of the defendant’s debt and any costs associated with the defendant. When the court allows a bail bonding agency to post bail for a defendant, that agency is responsible for ensuring that the defendant will show up for court. If the defendant fails to appear, the bail bonding agency may hire a bail enforcement agent to track the defendant down to be returned back to custody.

More Information about Bail Bonding

If a defendant doesn’t show up for court, the person or agency responsible for the bail will have six months to bring the defendant to justice or the full amount of bail will be charged to the responsible party. It is really in the defendant’s best interest to show up for the court when expected, and all will be well, including the release of the collateral that was used to secure the remaining amount of the bail. The usual 10 percent of the full bond fee charged in Texas will not be returned to the defendant.

A Bail Bond Agency in Texas

Many bail bonding agencies are qualified to assist defendants in getting released from jail in Texas when needed. Ronnie D. Long Bail Bonds is an agency that has been providing the bail bonding services to defendants in the Watauga, Texas area. If any individual is in need of Bail Bonding in Watauga, Texas, the agency is available. The agency is Open 24 hours a day 7 days a week.