What Should Injured Victims Do Before Hiring the Auto Accident Attorneys in Hollywood FL?

by | Sep 18, 2017 | Lawyer

Just after an auto accident, victims can often feel a lot of uncertainty. There are certain steps a victim should plan on taking before they hire the Auto Accident Attorneys in Hollywood FL. With this information, individuals will know the steps they need to take so they can protect their rights as they pursue compensation for their injuries and damages.

These Steps Protect a Victim’s Rights and Best Interests

When an accident occurs that leaves behind injuries and serious damages, the police must be called to the scene. If possible, the vehicles should not be moved until the police arrive, unless the vehicles are blocking traffic and it is dangerous for them to remain in place. A police report can beneficial in filing a lawsuit because it can be used as evidence to prove liability.

After the police have left the scene, the victim should do the following:

• Seeking medical attention right away is important for ensuring there are no internal injuries that need to be treated. Medical records can also prove important for proving injuries, should a lawsuit need to be filed.

• It is a wise idea for an injured victim to take copious amounts of notes throughout the period after their accident. These will serve as a reference so the victim will have a record of all of the events that have occurred from the moment the accident occurred.

• Victims should not speak with the insurance adjuster or any insurance company representative until they have spoken with a lawyer. The lawyer will offer sound advice that will help the victim in dealing with the adjuster and avoiding issues that would cause their claim to be denied.

Consultation Meetings are Important

Although a victim has four years from the date of their accident to file a lawsuit, time is of the essence. A lawyer needs time to be able to investigate the claim and gather evidence. The Auto Accident Attorneys in Hollywood FL will guide their client and negotiate on their behalf. If needed, a lawsuit can be filed and pursued by the lawyer.

Injured victims have the right to seek legal help after an auto accident. Contact the Law Offices of McCullough & Leboff P.A. right away to get started.

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