What Does a Lemon Law Firm in Orange County, CA, Do?

There are many specialist types of law firms in our state, including lemon law firms. You might be wondering what a lemon law firm in Orange County, CA, actually does. The answer doesn’t actually have anything to do with fruit, but with vehicles. If you’ve purchased a vehicle that isn’t worth your money, you should be interested in this type of law.

What Is the California Lemon Law?

The California Lemon Law is a special law that protects consumers from buying defective cars. The law states that if you buy a car that cannot be fixed, then you are entitled to get your money back. There are some limits; the law only applies to new and used vehicles that come with a manufacturer’s new-vehicle warranty. The manufacturer has to be caught in a lie about the quality of the vehicle.

The law also states that the manufacturer has to make several attempts to repair the vehicle before they officially owe you money.

What Does a Lemon Law Firm Do?

A lemon law firm in Orange County, CA, can help you get the money that you are owed if a dealership sells you a car that is a certified lemon. The law firm can gather information to help prove that you are eligible for your money back or a vehicle replacement.

You won’t usually need to go to court to get your money back, but a law firm such as Lemon Law Help by Knight Law Group can help you with arbitration.